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Want to Continue Your Study After SPM?

The completion of high school is an exciting time in your life. But does it also mean the end of your educational journey? In our society, we are frequently asked, "Which university did you get admitted to?" “What are you going to study?” "Why don't you continue your studies abroad?"

Most people are ready to advance academically and apply for their selected courses at their preferred universities or schools. However, there are some of your friends or yourself who are overwhelmed by the prospect of extending your education immediately after finishing SPM.

This is understandable as there are several reasons why someone can postpone their educational journey after high school. It is primarily owing to their family's financial difficulties that they believe earning money is more vital than pursuing their schooling. Aside from that, it might be caused by the person's incapacity to make decisions while selecting the programmes or courses in which they wish to advance their education. Some people may feel overwhelmed because they lack a clear vision or plan for their future and profession.

If you are included in the related circles, quit your worries because I want to share some useful tips with you.

📝Concentrate on your current priority

Instead of following your parents' wishes, you should first figure out who you are. If your parents are still insistent on you continuing your studies, but you are determined to work and have your own money first, try to have a thoughtful discussion with them.

📝Don't blindly follow your friend's choice

Following your friend's decisions is usually easier than being overwhelmed by the responsibility of making decisions that will influence your future. This, however, is incorrect and should be avoided because you and your friend are two distinct individuals with distinct needs and desires. Take your time and consider your options thoroughly.

📝Believe in your choice and decisions

You may have doubts about your decision at times, but always remain confident and follow your passion. There is a prejudice in our society that taking specialised courses such as law, engineering, or science can make you appear brighter, whereas art-related courses are regarded as basic programmes. This is false because every programme has highs and lows.

📝Go for technical or skill-based programmes

If you are still undecided about which programmes to pursue and do not have a specific course in mind, consider technical or skill-based programmes. This is because the job opportunities associated with these programmes are frequently in high demand.

However, it is acceptable if you feel that studying is not your top priority at the moment. Nobody should make you feel like studying is a chore. If you intend to continue your education, you should be physically, financially, and emotionally prepared. This is due to the fact that you will be exposed to a wide range of lifestyles and attitudes. Those who are not used to it will easily be persuaded by bad influence or being exposed to culture shock.

"What comes easy won't last, What last won't come easy."


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