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Recap: Happy Deepavali 🪔

How was your Diwali celebration last week? Hope you had a blast ceremony with your loved ones, family and friends.

As for us, we were having a very happening small celebration within our team. One of the fun activities that we did was decorating a kolam.

For those unfamiliar with Indian cultures, kolam is a floor drawing made from coloured flour or rice. It is used as a ceremonial design during traditional Indian festivals. Kolam is also known as rangoli in various parts of India, such as Northern India. It also carries a meaning which was believed to signify that everything is going to be well in the household and that bad luck will be gone.

How about you? Do share with us about your Diwali celebration story in the comments section below as well! Please do not feel hesitate because we would like to hear about your experience too 😄


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