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Let's Go Extra This School Holiday

Brace yourself and your excitement because the school holiday is approaching! Yay!

Bet you already have a plan full of fun activities, don't you? What? Oh no, you don’t have any idea yet? Oh, you poor soul, but quit your worries because we'll drop some fantastic ideas for you to add to your plans.

Vacation 🌴🛫

Going on vacation is the simplest method to relieve boredom over the holidays! Make plans to visit any vacation places that have piqued your interest with your family or friends. You may also go on a staycation. You may save money and time by not spending it on accommodation while travelling long distances. Remember, the goal is to create new memories with your loved ones while being active throughout your breaks.

Playing tourist for a day 👒😎

Another popular hobby among today's youth is playing tourist and making mementoes. You don't even have to travel far; any spot you have been to previously will suffice. Because of the multitude of enjoyable things that you may do and experience, our country's large cities are usually the go-to spots for playing tourists.

Trying out new activities 🍰🔧

Now is the time to pursue that activity or interest that has peaked your attention. Invite your friends and family to help you make that cake recipe you saw last week or that DIY project you've been dying to try. Never be frightened to follow your own interests. Allow your imagination to go wild, and you will get fresh experiences outside of the classroom.

Jump back into your hobbies 🎸🧶

Do you recall how many interests you have but never get to pursue because of your heavy schoolwork? Now is the moment to get right back in and develop your talents. If you realise that such hobbies no longer thrill you as much as they used to, consider inviting your friends to join you. Sometimes all you need is a supportive crowd to get you back on track.

Plan fun activities 🎬🎮

The simplest way to fill up your school break is by planning fun activities that you can do with your family and friends in the warmth of your home. You can organise a board game night or movie marathon day and many more. This way, you have things to do while also spending quality time with your family and friends.

In general, it doesn’t matter whether you spend your school holidays indoors or outside. The most important thing is that you make use of your breaks rather than staying shut up in your room. Breaks should not be used as an excuse to avoid being creative and moving around. Nonetheless, instead of following trends, you should enjoy your vacation in your own unique style.

✨ A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind ✨


Holidays are approaching but studying is still a must okay 😎

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Happy hols, peeps! 🤩✨

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