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How are You Mentally Doing?

Hi there! How are your breaks so far? Do you get to try any new hobbies or continue that project you have been putting on hold for a long time? Have you done any studying or revision at all? Revising and catching up on your studies are important, but don’t let yourself get burned out because of them too.

Exams can be overwhelming, especially when you have subjects that are hard to tackle. Sometimes this behaviour might influence students to feel burdened by their academics and have anxiety regarding tests or exams. However, you shouldn't be afraid to review and practice the subjects, because doing so will eventually help you overcome your problem and comprehend the course.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your mental health.

Stay on top of your revision

It is critical that you maintain a regular study and revision routine. Even if you simply spend an hour on it each day, reviewing can help reduce your anxiety about the courses and help you be more prepared for your tests. This method will also keep you from studying at the last minute, which will only result in tension.

Always count your blessings

Worrying and overthinking about your troubles is something we all do. However, thinking excessively about your problems and the future is not a healthy thing. Instead of obsessing over the possibilities of your future, try counting your blessings and being content with what you have. Enjoy what you have and continue to be the greatest version of yourself!

Take a break if needed

Pushing yourself to your limit in order to complete your task and revisions is bad for your health, both psychologically and physically. Take a break if you feel tired or fatigued. If you don't have much time, a 30-minute sleep in the middle of the day is good too. It is sometimes referred to as a power nap. Your job will be more effective if your body and mind are well-rested.

Never skip your meal

Another useful tip is to not skip any of your daily meals. When you are overworked, you may lose your appetite and fail to eat your meals on time. This should be avoided since it will lead to binge eating at the end of the day, leaving you lethargic and unable to sleep or continue your work.

Prioritise self-hygiene

Finally, despite how busy you are, self-hygiene should be your first priority in your daily routine. If you were having difficulty cleaning up, such as brushing your teeth before going to bed or taking a shower on a regular basis, try to make it a new habit. This is because insufficient personal hygiene can be the source of fever and other viral diseases. Being sick just before examinations will only add to the stress.

All in all, being stressed over your upcoming exams is okay but don't push yourself too much. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are able to make you feel more jittery and anxious, especially if you couldn't get enough rest before your big day. Therefore, plan your time well and give your body the rest that it deserves. All the best for your exams, you got this!


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