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GE15: Do’s & Don’ts for First-Time Voters

Hello there, first-time voters! Are you nervous about the upcoming general election that will be held in Malaysia this Saturday? I hope you can take things easy because we have some tips to share!

But before that, do you know why voting in the election is vital to our country? It is because voting or participating in the general election is our responsibility as Malaysians. Since the voting age has been reduced from 21 to 18, the youth have become the primary key for the election due to the large number of voters in this age group. Therefore, every qualified person must perform their part in ensuring the integrity of our democratic process.

Are you confused about what to do other than bringing your MyKad (IC) with you?

Here are some tips on do's and don'ts for you to know 🤩🙌

📌Dress code 👔👕

Do be mindful of your attire and clothing. Although you will be at the voting site only for a while to cast your vote, it is still a formal event. Wear modest and appropriate clothes. You also should not wear anything that contains symbols of any parties competing in the GE15 so as to not raise any controversy or provocation of others.

📌Attitude 🤗😇

As a voter, you should also be aware of your attitude and behaviour while you are at the voting sites. Prevent yourself from causing chaos that could make others feel uncomfortable. This includes playing videos or music on a loud volume too. Please be patient if you are stuck in a long line during your voting process.

📌SOP 😷🧍‍♂️

It would be best if you kept in mind that with the health condition in our country today, following the Covid-19 SOP is still necessary, especially with the latest variant that has increased the number of affected cases in Malaysia. Therefore, always wear a mask when you are in crowded places to lessen the risk of being affected by an unknown disease.

📌Voting procedures 📝🗳

It must be nerve-racking for first-time voters to cast their ballots without knowing the methods or procedures of voting. But don't worry, you may learn more about the process by visiting Akademi Pilihan Raya. This website specialises in educating people about Malaysia's general elections, which occur every five years. As a result, there should be no excuse for you not to play your part and vote simply because you don't know how.

As a first-timer, you should not pressure yourself too much in deciding which party to vote for. Remember to do your research and get to know the political parties that are campaigning in your area. Most importantly, check your voter's registration status on MySPRSemak before you vote to ensure a smooth process.


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