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Faber-Castell Virtual Factory Visit was held successfully on 24th of October 2021 via Zoom Meeting. At the comfort of home, a total of 25 students aged from 5 to 12 years old participated in this event.

The session was conducted by Teacher Junie from Faber-Castell and started with the introduction of this popular brand. Faber-Castell produces high-quality stationaries and do you have any idea what products does Faber-Castell produce at the factory in Malaysia? The answer is erasers, stick ball pens, retractable gel pens, highlighters, markers and multi-purpose adhesives.

Faber-Castell also prepared a fun time game for the students. They provided a few questions and students who followed the instructions and answered correctly had a chance to get Faber-Castell products 🥳

The three lucky winners are:

Devonna Celine Daniel - Modeling Dough

Thashvarmen - Tri Writing Set

Kathiresan - Colour to Life


We were so excited to fly to Germany virtually to discover the process of making colour pencils! They took us for the virtual visit and showed the process of pencil making step by step. There are a few steps taken to make a lead where first they are going to mix graphite, clay and water in a huge mixer. Next, the process of pressing, drying, firing, and waxing bath to make the leads glossy and durable will take place.

Then, they will proceed with the process of making pencils. They started with milling the grooves, followed with applying glue, inserting the leads and closing it with another slat. Then they will put them in the drying wheels and mill the pencils.

After the process of making leads and pencils is done, the products will undergo the painting and stamping process. Last but not least, they will proceed with the quality check and packaging process. The virtual tour was very informative and interesting!

During the craft time, the participants made jumbo pencils with a tool kit provided by Faber-Castell. With their own creativity, students decorated their own jumbo pencil. Look at their happy faces! 😍

Students designed their own Jumbo Pencil

We are so glad to receive positive feedback and overwhelming support from the students and parents. We hope you enjoyed and had so much fun throughout the session. Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! ❤️✨

We are going to have more exciting events on MindAppz and E-Tuition. Have you guys followed our social media yet? Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for more updates. Stay tuned! 💙

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