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5 Steps to Break Your Bad Habits

Did you always hear everyone talking about bad habits? But do you know what is considered a bad habit?

In simple words, bad habits are repetitive unhealthy behaviour that you often do either intentionally or unintentionally. These habits are usually caused by a lack of motivation to do certain tasks or chores. it can also be due to other negative factors such as procrastination, perfectionism as well as stress and boredom.

It is difficult for some people to get rid of their bad habits due to several reasons. Firstly, they use these bad habits as a coping mechanism which helps them to get through their daily activities. Next, they may be adopting their harmful habits as a form of entertainment to relieve stress. However, if this behaviour continues, it may cause someone to procrastinate on their work. Another common reason is related to mental health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). People with ADHD frequently hyperfocus on tasks that they find interesting and will repeat them until they are bored.

Did you find yourself struggling to break away from your bad habits? Worry not because you can try these 5 steps to overcome it. So, grab your pen and do take notes! Let your productivity power you up!

🎯 Reduce distractions

If you find yourself having a hard time focusing on your work due to various distractions around you, try to eliminate anything that can be the cause of it. Putting your smartphone far and out of your reach or trying to listen to a playlist that promotes focus with noise-cancelling earphones could be very helpful.

🎯 Greet the day early

This tip might sounds cliche to you but trust me, waking up early can really help you to complete the majority of your chores for the day. The fun part is that at the end of the day, you don't have to pull another all-nighter and you get to go to bed early too!

🎯 Don’t forget your exercise routine

No matter how tired you are for the week, never abandoned your exercise routine until you are feeling better. Keeping your body moving will help deliver more oxygen to your brain. You will feel less irritated and not as frequently exhausted as you used to be.

🎯 Avoid using any devices before bedtime

Stop using any gadgets or devices such as smartphones or laptops to browse through Netflix before you sleep. This action doesn't only will irritate your eye sights but will also disrupt your sleeping schedule. Usually, you will end up sleeping later than you intended to even if you have early classes or work scheduled the next morning.

🎯 Stop delaying your work

Last but not least, do not delay your work again and again! This will make your work pile up and you won't have enough time to complete everything on the same day. In the end, it could leave you stressed out and overwhelmed with the huge amount of workload you have to get done before the week's end.

Breaking your bad habits can boost your productivity because you won't be as readily distracted as you used to be. Furthermore, being productive will aid in the promotion of better mental and physical wellness. However, if you push yourself too hard to achieve your goal, you may become a workaholic if you are not careful. So, always do things at your own pace without comparing yourself with others.

If you are trying your hardest to break your bad habits,

I'm wishing you all the best, you got this! 👍🤩


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